AIDONIC is a digital solution for social fundraising and end-to-end aid distribution for humanitarian and development programs. International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Non-Profit- Organizations (NPO), charities and governments can distribute tokenized aid vouchers, entitlements or digital cash directly to the intended end-beneficiaries, in the most transparent and efficient way possible using the blockchain.
The AIDONIC platform combines two innovative components, “Social Fundraising” and “Last Mile Distribution”. Our unique solution ensures full transparency and accountability and optimizes the last-mile distribution process. Private and institutional donors can live-track and see the impact of their financial contributions in real-time.

Humanitarian aid and resilience are key to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year, 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance. According to the UN, 783 million people are living below the international poverty line of US$1.90 a day. Globally, 821 million people are undernourished, and additionally, 2 billion people are expected to be undernourished by 2050. Digital innovations are changing how humanitarian assistance is delivered to affected communities globally and increasing financial inclusion to create social and economic impact.
With AIDONIC, we believe that poverty and world hunger will be reduced, education and good health improved, innovation and financial growth ensured to increase the resilience of people worldwide by increasing accountability, efficiency and impact. AIDONIC’s digital solutions and ecosystem adheres to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) principals of ‘do no harm’.


We are proud of our social and strategic partnerships.

Core Team

Severiyos Aydin

CEO | Founder

Roberto Ferrer

Chief Technology Officer

Rajinder Sagoo

Client Relations Director

Ryan Carville

Software Engineer


Dr. Barbara Lang

Investor Relations

Dr. Eelco Fiole

Managing Partner at Alpha Governance Partners, Prof. Finance Ethics

Ivan de Casseres

Senior Associate Financial Regulatory Legal Advisor

Gabriel Gabriel

Managing Director at Brainloop

Swiss Fintech Startup Awards 2020 Finalist

Aidonic has been nominated to the finals of the Fintech Awards 2020 and made it to the 2nd place. The Swiss Fintech Awards recognise outstanding startups and personalities who are contributing to the development of the Swiss fintech ecosystem.

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The Europas 2020 Finalist

AIDONIC has been qualified to the finals of the Europas Tech Startup Awards in the category ``Hottest Social Innovation Startup``. The Europas Awards identifies and recognizes the most promising startups in Europe in 22 different categories.

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AIDONIC among the TOP 20 FINTECH STARTUPS in Switzerland

After analysing hundreds of reports, company announcements and business models the Fintech News Network is proud to unveil our list of the top 20 fintech startups in Switzerland in 2020.

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For the first time in history, 14 international non-profit organizations came together to crowdsource innovative ideas and proven concepts to reimagine the future of private sector fundraising. Aidonic wins the prestigious «Cutting-Edge Creativity» Award.

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