AIDONIC has been selected as a Top 2 finalist at the Swiss Fintech Awards 2020

AIDONIC has been selected as one of the most promising startups at the Swiss Fintech Awards 2020. After a long and challenging journey AIDONIC qualified to the finals and won the runner-up placing in the category Early Stage Start-up of the Year.

The purpose of the Swiss FinTech Awards is to promote Swiss fintech innovators and to contribute to the strong Swiss fintech ecosystem. The Awards specifically recognize outstanding fintech start-ups and fintech influencers. The winners are chosen by a renowned jury consisting of 20+ fintech experts. 

Start-ups that have a successful product on the market, a working business model, and have clear signs of significant growth are judged in the “Growth Stage Start-up of the Year” category. 

Aidonic has been selected as top finalist and highly complimented by the jury of its unique concept, sustainable business model, and contribution to global goodwill.

“It was a honor to be part of this incredible journey and for our efforts as AIDONIC, to be recognised as a cutting-edge swiss #FinTech startup. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! Special thanks to the organizers and sponsors of this event.”

Severiyos Aydin, Founder & CEO

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