Case Study: Tracking Medical Aid using Blockchain

Through the support of Swiss Solidarity, Medair and AIDONIC partnered up to field-test the AIDONIC platform to deliver evidence and learning for the whole humanitarian community, including aid recipients about blockchain and tokenization.

Humanitarian aid is facing an uncertain future. Disasters and conflicts are facing increased competition from Covid-19 and climate change for funding. Digital transformation is creating needs for data security, portability, and interoperability, while social media is raising public expectations regarding transparency and efficiency.

Both Medair and AIDONIC recognize that the way aid is delivered needs to be transformed. This innovative partnership is a first step in proving novel solutions to aid delivery in the health, emergency relief, and development sectors.

AIDONIC is a unique application of blockchain and tokenization that links fundraising and aid delivery within the same platform. Through the platform, Medair aims to enhance trust, by providing donors with greater transparency, while reaching more beneficiaries by lowering the cost of transactions.

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