Cash and Voucher Interventions

Distribute cash or digital vouchers to your recipients in +200 countries at-scale and on-time via a menu of different modalities available worldwide.

Popular Features

  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking

The Real-Time Delivery Tracking tool lets you monitor the status of cash and voucher deliveries to your participants in real-time, so you can identify and troubleshoot issues proactively. With our platform, you'll be able to ensure that your participants receive their payments on time and with minimal disruption.

Interested in a cash modality for your country? Click here and ask us for a solution for your country.

  • Last-Mile Receipt of Delivery

The Last-Mile Receipt of Delivery tool enables you to verify that your participants have received their cash or redeemed their vouchers, reducing the risk of fraud or misuse. With features like location tracking and signature or photo verification, you can be confident that your payments are reaching the right people.

  • Enhanced transparency using Blockchain

The Blockchain Transparency tool provides an immutable record of all transactions, enabling you to ensure that funds are being used as intended and demonstrating your commitment to transparency and accountability. With our platform, you can be confident that your cash-based interventions are making a real impact. Greater transparency is the building block to recurring donations.

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