Fundraising and Localisation

Localisation succeeds when local humanitarian organisations have independent funding sources to respond to the needs of the communities they serve.

Popular Features

  • Pro-Bono Consulting Services

Access our team of experts for guidance and support on a wide range of technology topics related to digital transformation, fundraising and localisation. AIDONIC generates revenue from international organizations, which allows us to provide pro bono services to local organisations. Whether you are struggling with tenders, technology management, or capacity building, we're here to help you.

  • Humanitarian DAO

The humanitarian DAO tool empowers local communities to participate in decision-making processes, provide feedback, and gain ownership over projects that serve their needs. With our platform, you can easily create, manage and host a DAO that promotes transparency, accountability, and collaboration. By leveraging blockchain technology, you can ensure that the decision-making process is secure and transparent. For example, a local community in Bangladesh could use our DAO platform to collaboratively manage a project to provide clean drinking water to their village.

  • Turn-key Fundraising Page

The Turn-key Fundraising tool helps local NGOs connect with global donors. Our team creates a professional-looking webpage that showcases the NGO's work and appeals to potential donors worldwide. The webpage includes a Stripe account for accepting credit card donations, and we ensure that all donor data is handled according to GDPR compliance. We work closely with your NGO to present your mission and impact in the best possible way. This allows the NGO to focus on their work without worrying about upfront costs or fees.

  • NFT Impact Reporting

The NFT for Impact Reporting tool enables you to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent the impact of your aid delivery, providing a tangible way to demonstrate the value of your projects. The NFTs hold the impact data from the project that is directly related to the donation made by the donor, so they can trust the accuracy of the data. By leveraging blockchain technology & AI, we are building the foundation for a future where the S (social) in ESG gains more prominence from being measured and reported in a more transparent and accountable way.

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