Successful Pilot in Beirut, Lebanon

On the 23rd December 2020 we carried out a pilot project in Beirut, Lebanon. In cooperation with our local partner, we distributed food parcels to vulnerable families and tracked every single last-mile handover to those in need in real time via the AIDONIC platform. The entire distribution with recipients ID, amount and time stamp is now stored on the blockchain and can be viewed by everyone. All transactions with further evaluation data are accessible via the AIDONIC platform for full transparency.

The use of the platform by the local team went flawlessly and seemed easy and user-friendly. The onboarding of the beneficiaries was very efficient. With AIDONIC NGOs can directly import existing beneficiary lists into the platform and issue their QR-code wallets within seconds. Our local partner had sent the QR-codes directly to the beneficiaries via WhatsApp. The beneficiaries did not need an internet connection for the redemption process, only the service providers were connected and that was enough to carry out a secure and fast blockchain transaction.

AIDONIC ensures full transparency and accountability and optimizes the last-mile distribution process. Private and institutional donors can live-track and see the impact of their financial contributions in real-time. NGOs, Charities, and Governments can distribute tokenized aid vouchers, entitlements for in kind goods, or digital cash, straight to the intended end-beneficiaries, in the most transparent and efficient way possible.

Three more pilot projects are planned for the coming weeks. If you are also interested in carrying out a pilot project using the AIDONIC platform, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A special year is coming to an end. It was incredibly challenging for all of us, but all the hurdles we faced lead us to new innovations that will soon benefit many lives. Due to the current situation worldwide, humanitarian aid and sustainable development will be more important than ever. Building a better future will take all of us. We hope we get to work with many of you in some capacity next year and happy to assist you with AIDONIC anytime anywhere.

We are ready for the new year and look forward with great confidence and hope.

We wish you all the best, good health, and lots of strength for 2021


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