Our Vision

According to the UN, 783 million people live below the international poverty line of US$1.90 a day. Globally, 815 million people are undernourished, and additionally 2 billion people are expected to be undernourished by 2050. 3.1 million children are dying each year because of poor nutrition. Over 265 million children are currently out of school and 22% of them are of primary school age. Fighting poverty, hunger, diseases and inequality, ensuring access to education for all and prosperity, peace and justice continue to be the greatest global challenges of our time. On September 2015, the UN adopted the 2030 Development Agenda “Transforming our World”, which contained 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets. The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) says achieving these 17 SDGs will require US$5 to $7 trillion in annual investment. Global NGOs and charities raise around 600 billion USD for their programs every year. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of that enormous sum reaches those in need. Blockchain Technology allows us to serve the unbanked and to make every dollar donated and invested more efficient and effective. NGOs struggle with outdated systems and with lack of transparency. Billions of donations and investments in sustainable development are lost in overhead, mismanagement and fraud. AIDONIC is developing a new technological solution based on DLT / blockchain technology to efficiently get the help directly into the hand - onto the mobile phones - of those in need - a technology that covers the last mile.


How It Works?

Last mile aid finance model with transparent aid funding, trackable peer2peer donation and smart aid management.

HowItWorks HowItWorks HowItWorks

Campaign Lifecycle

  • NGO starts campaign



  • Donor donates funds


    Fiat & Crypto

  • Beneficiary receives funds

    Digital Identification

    AIDONIC Token

  • Beneficiary redeems tokens for aid

    Local provider

    Mobile Identification

  • Donor & NGO & Provider

    Proof of Impact

    Instant notification


1.2 M

Operating Charities


$600 B

Donated Yearly


1.5 B

Donors Worldwide

What are the benefits?


Main challenges NGOs face today.

“Since 2002, donors increasingly believe that charitable organizations “waste” money - on staff salaries, fundraising expenses, or other core costs considered administrative or not directly benefiting programs.”

Challenges & Solutions










Funds Limitations


Cost Efficiency










Tech Approaches


Smart Contract

Ecosystem Participants Gain


Cause management and monitoring

Beneficiaries registration and management

Fundraising campaigns fiat and crypto

Providers relations management

Public trust - Donors attraction

Less administrative expenses

Instant Notification

Emergency pool support



Proof of Impact

Volunteer management


P2P donation


Donation tracking

Instant Notification


Follow favorite NGOs

See/share your impact

Raise awareness

Proof of Impact

Volunteer management


Offer relief goods and services

Increase business - generate more income

Cause access and monitoring

Instant exchange to fiat

Distribution monitoring


Instant Notification

Proof of Impact


Access to value

Empowerment through P2P donation

Perspectives through employment

Local Economic growth

Business network - startup support

Voucher system

Instant Notification

Emergency pool support


What is next?


Q1 2018

Proof of Concept

Initial idea and project conceptualization


May 2018

Core Team

Formation of core team and initial partnerships.


Q2 2018

Creation of Prototype

Creation of protoype based on MVP requirements.


Q4 2018

Team Growth / Strategy

Extending core team by professionals and experts


Q1 2019

Seed Funding / Business Development

Seed funding to finalize MVP and to cover initial company costs


Q2 2019

MVP development

MVP development and testing


Q4 2019

Investment / Platform development

Main investment round, platform development, mobile app, blockchain integration


Q1 2020

Platform testing

Platform testing in developing countries


Q2 2020

Release Platform / Growth

Release platform and mobile application. Global expansion. Worldwide network for 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

What we do?


About Aidonic


About Aidonic

AIDONIC transforms traditional aid and impact funding, by creating a token based donor2beneficiary (D2B) ecosystem that securely connects donations from sources worldwide directly to the beneficiaries in need considering all real-life humanitarian aid and development causes.
We empower the most underserved individuals by providing them access to value with our AIDONIC platform. This could not only save millions of dollars but millions of lives.
AIDONIC helps donors: Lack of transparency discourages institutional donors and individuals from committing funds to charitable causes. People want to know where their donations are going. They want to see the positive impact in people’s life they intend to help. AIDONIC provides 100% transparency and secure funds allocation to those in need. Blockchain technology ensures complete and immutable traceability.
AIDONIC is an excellent tool for any NGO, foundation and institution in the field of social impact investment and charitable giving. It is a tool that helps manage funds and data safely, ensures reliable aid allocation and last mile tracking.
AIDONICs main feature is the “smart campaign”, which represents a network of NGOs, beneficiaries, donors, retailer or service provider. Beneficiary’s wallets are allocated to campaigns; once the funding goal is achieved, the smart contract effects the donations as digital impact-vouchers (AIDONIC TOKEN) directly to the beneficiaries’ wallets, to be redeemed for the pre-specified aid service locally (food, hygiene, medication, shelter, education, psycho-social support etc.).
AIDONIC token can only be redeemed at pre-allocated providers within the AIDONIC ecosystem, making fraud or abuse impossible.
Donors can track the allocation of their funds all the way to the family/individual receiving the help in real-time. Donors know precisely where their donation went to and get a notification once their aid is being delivered.
The platform is highly scalable, an emergency pool will serve immediate responses, supply chain management tools help the NGOs to monitor the aid flow and analyze the impact of each campaign (proof of impact). A volunteer management tool offers people from all over the world to connect with NGOs, to support their humanitarian missions and manage their financials transparently.
Each participant will be able to see how funds are spent, build trust in our system and repeat donations to move relief and development programs forward.
To have access to our ecosystem, NGOs will pass through a KYC procedure. Once successful, they can use all platform services for free and attract new donors to support their causes through our trusted and transparent D2B aid funding tools.
Until now, it has been impossible for those giving to charitable causes to know the true value and impact of their donations due to the lack of transparency in antiquated supply chain systems.
Blockchain offers an immutable shared ledger system that is updated and validated in real-time for each transaction and for every network participant. It renders the financial activities of charitable organizations visible and reveals where an asset is at any point in time, who owns it and what condition it’s in. The ability to trace funds will no doubt initiate a sea-change in the way funds for charity are raised, allocated and used. This could enable smaller charitable organizations to reach more potential donors and do more with less funding.

To reduce poverty and hunger, a strong sustainable economy is essential. Therefore, we will partner with already established local retailer and service provider in developing countries to become part of our ecosystem. By offering their goods and services through AIDONIC, their businesses will improve, more income generated and consequently the local economy strengthened. In rural and abandoned places, we will support locals to establish small businesses as part of our ecosystem. Sustainability will be ensured through local NGOs that will appoint them as service provider within the AIDONIC network and through individual customer. Beneficiaries will benefit from new suppliers and service provider in the region. This will generate a new revenue stream for people in need, create jobs and consequently reduce poverty progressively. With AIDONIC poverty and world hunger will be massively reduced, education and good health improved, innovation and economic growth ensured.



  • Donor2Beneficiary aid finance model, transparent crowdfunding and last mile aid distribution tech
    Smart Campaign - Tracking
  • Sustainable impact micro business model
    Entrepreneurship - Startup Funding
  • Purpose based sustainable community projects
    Democratic - Autonomous

Aidonic Team

CEO | Founder

Severiyos Aydin


Severiyos Aydin born in 1985 in Switzerland, worked 12 years in the commodity sector. He collected valuable experience in accounting, IT, Risk, Logistics and physical Trading of petrochemicals and oil products. In the age of 27, in January 2013 he founded his own nonprofit organization called ARAMAIC RELIEF International with a strong focus on immediate humanitarian help to war victims in hostile regions, such as Syria, Iraq and South Sudan. ARAMAIC RELIEF International managed to realize more than 250 unique relief and development projects the last 6 years in the world’s most dangerous countries. ARI built the first school in Syria during the war, opened educational and care centers, renovated homes, helped thousands of displaced families with food, shelter, medical support and psychological programs for traumatized children.



Kati Aronson



Kristian Smilenov


Business Development

Roland Gabriel


Marketing Strategist

Murat Ay


Aidonic Advisors


Investor Relations

Dr. Barbara Lang


Managing Partner at Alpha Governance Partners, Adjunct Professor
Finance Ethics at University of Lausanne

Dr. Eelco Fiole


Tech Strategy Advisor

Dhanesh Kothari


Founder Blockchain Advisory Mauritius
Co-Founder Fintech Blockchain Consultants Ltd

Joshua Paul Hawley


Regulatory Counsel
at Web3 Foundation

Ivan de Casseres


Managing Director
at Brainloop

Gabriel Gabriel


Aidonic Partners

Get Involved

AIDONIC is a social enterprise based in Baar, Switzerland. In August 2018 we finalized the prototype of the platform and successfully accomplished the first research in an developing country. We have a very strong use-case and once the platform is developed NGOs, Governments, Foundations, Institutions and the private sector can immediately start using it to help more people in an efficient, cost-saving and transparent way. We are looking for strong partners, advisors and investors to join our unique movement and help us to make this world a better place. If you are interested to learn more about AIDONIC, please contact us.

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